Suns out..knee high socks out? | Fashion

Yes, we are once again in that awkward transition between Summer and Autumn. You know those days when it’s too cold to go without a jumper, but too sunny for tights? Well I thought I’d mix it up with my outfit by adding a touch of Autumn on to an outfit I’d usually wear in the Spring/Summer.

Light wooly jumpers are the perfect addition to any outfit on a day when it’s just not cold enough to wear a coat. Because I wear a lot of high waisted skirts, and shorts, I love pairing them with this cropped jumper I have on so I can really show off the full design of my skirt (it’s hard to do so when you have a big, baggy oversized sweater on!).

And of course, what Autumn outfit is complete without a pair of wooly knee highs to finish off? Knee high socks add a lovely, girly touch besides from keeping your lower legs all nice and toasty (sorry thighs).

Jumper – Urban Outfitters
Skirt – Urban Outfitters
Socks – H&M
Shoes – H&M

What do you think of my choice of outfit today?

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