My Last Month of Netflix

I have a confession…I only got Netflix a few months ago.
Yes, I was one of those people who stayed awkwardly quiet whilst everyone else swapped stories on the latest shows that were trending. Now that I have it, how did I survive so long without it!?

So, after spending countless hours catching up on all the hot shows, and eating my weight and more in snacks – I thought I’d share what I’ve finished and loved this last month.

The Stranger

I just HAD to start with this one. If you love gripping thrillers, it’s impossible for you to not love this one. After the first episode, I had so many unanswered questions – and I did wonder how they would cover everything over the space of only seven more episodes. I can tell you however that they did, and every minute was brilliant.


It’s Dan Humphrey! Oh wait…Dan Humphrey got creepy as hell.

Penn Badgley is absolutely fantastic in this. Although, just a fair warning, if you’re planning on watching Gossip Girl for the umpteeth time – prepare yourself, because sweet, endearing “Lonely Boy” will never look the same again.

What does everyone think the third season will be about!? Send me your thoughts in a DM on Instagram to avoid leaking any spoilers!

Love is Blind

When I saw a clip of this on Gogglebox, I just knew that this would be my kind of show, and it was. Cheesy, ridiculous, and with extreme levels of cringe – what’s not to love? It’s the easiest thing to watch, and will have you screaming at the TV in disbelief in no time.

Sex Education

“Wash your hands you detty pig!”

If you know, you know.
I’m praying for Netflix to reveal when Season 3 will be making an appearance because I am seriously missing Eric’s infectious laugh, and hilarious one-liners.
You’ll be hooked from the get-go, although, probably not one to watch with the family…

What have you been loving on Netflix this month? I could always use more recommendations!

There’ll be more from me soon…

Mel x

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